September 4, 2019
Social Media Management

We love working with businesses who come up with an original idea that really solves a problem for the people. Yneer’s basic idea is to let travelers bring products from overseas and charge a delivery fees for it. 

This way people can order exotic goods from all over the world. For Yneer, Social Media Management has to be top-notch because currently the primary platform exists on Social Media. 



  • Customer support on Social Media
  • Community Management
  • Running ad campaigns on Social Media
  • Consistent traffic from Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media sharing
  • Keeping Social Media audience engaged

Results and Testimonial

From solving customer disputes to unlocking new opportunities for buyers, SMT is proud to provide much needed customer support services through Social Media to all Yneer community. The community is a vital part of their business model to generate trust and get support. 

We facilitate people looking for a certain product which is available in a certain country to get that product at local rates. The only additional price they pay is based on a fair profit for the traveler who will be bringing the product. 

Founder and CEO at Yneer
"SMT team has been phenomenal in handling our social media. As a business owner, it was a daunting task to keep working on the various aspects of my business as well as dealing with the daunting tasks of handling hundreds of customer queries. Thankfully I don't have to worry about it."
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